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Location Lawyer connects you to a community of specialist lawyers near you who are ready and able to help you, whatever your case might be. Find the best solicitors in the UK by easily comparing different law firms and making an informed decision based on hundreds of reviews.


Our site is quick and easy to use; we make finding a lawyer simple. Discover numerous law firms at your fingertips and compare to make a decision. Think of us as a solicitors directory but with the power to combine listings with recommendations. Avoid endlessly scrolling through search engines trying to find the right solicitor and let us do the hard work for you. Find a lawyer wherever you are in the UK and choose based on their customer experience.


Lawyers are legal experts and there are also many situations where it is in your best interest to get in touch with one. Whether you need a divorce, property or probate lawyer, you can find them right here. Find top solicitors in the UK who can give you the legal advice you need, who can tell you what your legal rights are and who can help you resolve your legal problems time efficiently.

There are times in our lives when we may feel helpless and confused; think, buying your first house, drafting a Will, getting divorced, starting a business, settling a dispute and more. Ease the pressure by working with a specialist in their field. Location Lawyer connects you with the legal experts to help you through these complex moments in life – find the right solicitor for you today.

How it works

Find local services

Search for legal advice where you live to be able to meet a solicitor at a convenient location for you and compare law firms in your local area. You no longer have to spend time walking the local high street or scrolling through search engines as we have local law firms at your fingertips.

Read reviews

In order for you to find the best legal advice, read reviews of each law firm to enable you to make an informed choice who to instruct. The reviews cover, value, customer service and responsiveness which are all key elements in providing an excellent legal service. You no longer have to choose a law firm at random as you can make a decision based on recommendations to ensure the best experience.

Contact firms direct

All law firms listed on our website have their contact details listed to enable you to easily connect with them. Firms which have a premium profile, have the facility for you to contact them directly with a simple to use contact form. Instructing a law firm has never been so easy!

Leave reviews to help others

The aim of our website is to help people find the best legal advice and we can achieve this by clients of law firms leaving reviews on our site to be shared with others. We are building a community of legal clients who can recommend law firms and share experiences to enable them to choose the right law firm for them.

The benefits of going premium

Enhanced customisation

1. Quick Contact

Clients can complete a quick contact form which will send their enquiry directly to you. This is very convenient for the client and they are more likely to instruct your firm with this feature.

2. Company Branding

You will have your own company logo on your profile along with a more detailed description of your firm which can be drafted by you. This enhanced company branding will ensure your profile stands out from the crowd and improve your own SEO.

Quick contact information
Company Branding

3. Featured Profile

The premium profile will mean when a potential client searches for law firms in your area, your firm’s profile will be featured at the top of the search results.

4. More exposure

Your law firm will receive more exposure as you will be able to post a quarterly blog which will feature on the homepage as well as our social media channels. All office locations will also appear in the search results.

Detailed company information

Upgrade to Premium today

Stand out from the crowd with our premium profile and benefit from enhanced features and attract more clients.