Company and Commercial

Commercial law firms specialise in a variety of legal services. This wide range of commercial agreements can range from manufacturing to the sales and supplies of goods, from equity issues to intellectual property rights and more.

Clients who use commercial law firms can include large businesses, governments, banks, sole traders and more. A commercial solicitor can offer advice on anything from the start-up of a company to its dissolution.

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on e-commerce and software issues – an area of law that requires adaptability and quick movement. The fast-paced nature of company and commercial law means you need to find a solicitor who is in touch with the modern world.

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Difference between company and commercial law

Company and commercial law are closely linked but there is a difference. Company law refers to the formation of companies, shareholder agreements and such, whereas commercial law more broadly relates to the sale and distribution of goods.

More often than not a business will require the use of both types of commercial lawyer but your solicitor will explain exactly what you need and who is best qualified to help during a consultation.

The best commercial law firms will be well versed in both fields and will have professionals who specialise in all areas.

What is the purpose of commercial law?

Commercial law solicitors are there to help reach your business goals; they are there to help with the process of commercial transactions as well as to offer advice on complex issues often relating to commercial purchases, disputes and interests.

Running a business is time-consuming but your legal problems don’t have to be. The best commercial solicitors are those who interact with other professionals in the business such as accountants, bankers, development managers etc in order to assess their case accurately.

Find someone who is efficient and can offer a bank of advice based on their wealth of knowledge.

Commercial legal services

Key areas that company and commercial lawyers can help with include:

  • Company shares – negotiation, distribution and sale of shares
  • E-commerce – website terms and conditions, privacy policy and software agreements
  • Intellectual property – copyright infringement and trademark disagreements, drafting of licences, patents and trademarks
  • Employment – advice on employment contracts, settlement agreements and HR issues
  • Equity – all issues relating to shareholder conditions and agreements
  • Sale and purchase of new business – negotiation and finalisation of new business sales
  • Non-disclosure agreements – drafting confidentiality agreements

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The complexities of company and commercial law should not be underestimated. From blue-chip companies to sole traders, wherever you fall make sure your business is getting the legal attention and help it deserves.

With the current unstable economic and political environment in the UK it is as important as ever to get help with your business legal matters. Don’t hesitate, discover top commercial law firms near you now.

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