Employment law is about navigating the relationship between employee and employer. The best employment law solicitors will help you understand complex legislation to make sure that your legal rights as an employee are adhered to.

From not understanding the terms in your contract to filing for compensation for unlawful treatment, your workplace solicitor can help with it all.

Are you an employee or self-employed?

Your employment status may seem very clear to you but you must make sure you know where you stand with your employer.

In order to gain access to employment rights such as redundancy pay and the right to claim against unfair dismissal, you must be an employee. It sounds obvious enough but it is common for an employer to label someone under the umbrella as ‘self-employed’ or ‘casual worker’ to avoid giving you the rights you are entitled to.

However, it is important to note that whatever your employer labels you as does not necessarily matter. It is what happens in practice and between you and your employer in person that determines the status of your employment rights.

What are my employment rights?

Every employee is entitled to a set of basic rights. Your individual specifics will depend on the type of job you work, how many hours you work, how you are paid and more. General factors that relate to your basic rights include:

  • Hours – rest breaks at work, the total amount of hours agreed in contract, time of work etc.
  • Pay – paid less than minimum wage, unpaid wages, problems with pay after leaving a job
  • Holidays – entitled holiday hours, holiday pay
  • Sick pay – entitlement to sick pay
  • Parental rights – maternity/paternity leave entitlement and terms
  • Flexible working – how to request it, negotiation of working terms
  • Agency working – pay between contracts, agency responsibilities to employee

Employment law advice for employees

Dependent on what your case is your solicitor will advise you on what kind of action you need to take. Some cases can be more difficult than others as there are various time restrictions and judicial procedures that have to be followed.

However, a good employment lawyer should be able to help you with a range of issues including: unfair dismissal, harassment/bullying in the workplace, discrimination, equal pay and more.

Employment law can protect you from all of the above, you just need to find the right lawyer to help you.

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