The law protects you from various forms of discrimination in the workplace including cases related to sex, disability, race, age, religion etc. If you are discriminated at work there are various ways to deal with it but you may need the involvement of an employment solicitor.

What is employment discrimination?

When hiring a new employee or treating an existing employee it is illegal to discriminate against them based on a number of qualities including race, religion, national origin and sex. All contractors and employers must take action to ensure that they can guarantee equal employment opportunity and a discriminatory free environment.

Examples of employment discrimination:

  • Suggesting preferred candidates during the recruitment process
  • Denying certain benefits and/or compensation to existing employees
  • Disregarding equal pay for equal work
  • Discriminating with regard to assigning disability or maternity leave
  • Denying the use of company facilities/entitled benefits

If you feel as if any of the above relate to you, there are ways to challenge your employer’s wrongdoing.

The different types of discrimination

Age: An employer is not allowed to discriminate against someone because of age. There are a few rare exceptions, which your employment solicitor will be able to advise you of. Employees must receive the same benefits regardless of age and internships/apprenticeships must not be biased towards one end of the age spectrum over the other.

Religious: Your religious customs are your personal affair. It is illegal for an employer to take prejudice against this; they must work to try and make a reasonable attempt to accommodate your religious beliefs.

Gender: Employers must pay men and women equally. Equal pay for equal work. What’s more is that employers can also not lower pay of one gender in order to try and equalize pay across the board.

Whether it’s harassment, bullying or a more subtle form of discrimination, if you feel like you are being treated unfairly in the workplace, consult with an employment lawyer to discover your next steps. Employment discrimination can happen at any time so make sure you’re ready to challenge it.

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