Child Disputes

There are a range of issues when it comes to the law relating to children including residence disputes, contact or parental responsibility and educational decisions.

Child disputes usually arise from the breakdown of a relationship but it is key that the parents do not let their personal feelings toward one another affect the future of the child/children. The best possible outcome is to resolve child disputes through the power of mediation but if that proves to be unsuccessful, your family lawyer will advise on other legal methods.

Do I need a family lawyer?

More often than not we associate family lawyers with disputes regarding custody and child arrangement orders but there are a whole host of other reasons why you might need one, including:

  • Adoption
  • Child arrangement orders
  • Contact
  • Residence
  • Abduction
  • Parental responsibility
  • and more

Family solicitors are there to assist you with any future relationship that both parents will have with their children.

Do I need to go to court?

Parents agreeing amongst themselves is always the preferred option but if you need to go to court you can. Before it reaches that stage it is always best to get a solicitor who can give you impartial advice on the child’s living arrangements and contact time with each parent.

The courts will only step in if there are child protection issues. The court priorities the child’s welfare above anything else; they can issue orders to decide where the child lives and even be as specific as outlining plans for health and education.

What will the court do?

A judge can issue any type of order relating to child disputes they see fit including:

  • A child arrangement order – relating to living arrangements and contact
  • A grant of parental responsibility – relating to decision making on behalf of the child
  • A specific issue or prohibited steps order – relating to medical treatment, schooling, religion etc.
  • A financial order – relating to financial provisions from each parent
  • A declaration of parentage – relating to the legality of parentage

There are usually multiple court proceedings but in the end the judge will make a final decision and issue a particular order.

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