Immigration law is one of the most volatile areas of UK law and this is because it is always changing. The Home Secretary can make changes to immigration rules in order to regulate entry into the UK.

It is key that you find the right immigration solicitor who has the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you with your individual case. Choose from some of the best immigration lawyers in your area by scrolling through real life reviews on Location Lawyer.

Immigration Solicitor Services

Immigration solicitors can provide advice on a number of areas including: settlement in the UK, asylum, detention and business immigration.


You or someone you may know may wish to come to the UK to either study, settle or work. Whether they are looking to join family or travel alone one of the key aspects of UK immigration law is the Points Based System.

When applying for a work visa for the UK, the government will grant visas using the PBS. Points are based on:

  • English speaking ability
  • Ability to support oneself financially
  • Qualifications
  • Earnings
  • Previous experience in the UK

Not all categories are relevant to every application but your immigration solicitor will be able to advise.


Applying for asylum is a process that should be done as soon as possible after being detained. An immigration lawyer will assist you in making the application as well as outlining all the stages.

The process has many stages to it including, a screening, first interview, asylum interview, presenting the case and the outcome.

If the case is considered to be without any concern it may be eligible for Detained Fast Track (DFT); falling into this category means detainment until asylum is granted.


There are multiple misconceptions when it comes to detainment. Immigration authorities must allow you out on bail if they have no legitimate reason to keep you.

Detention in this circumstance means ‘confinement’. UK law has the power to detain but only for a period that is reasonable and has clear legal backing.

If you or someone you know is being detained without cause then find one of the best immigration solicitors in your area to help; they will be able to make an application for bail.

Business Immigration

If a business employs a foreign national or is looking to employ one then they must have the right to work in the UK. A business may have to sponsor their potential employees in order to grant them the correct status.

HR usually handles international recruitment but will need legal support where necessary. Extra support may be needed especially post-Brexit as the working rights of most EU citizens will certainly change.

Immigration law is a complex area. Find a lawyer who has the professional understanding of your case. Find a lawyer who has the knowledge to take your case to the next level. Find a lawyer who can do you justice.

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