Litigation, also known as dispute resolution, is the aspect of law that deals with disputes and claims between two parties or more. Issues could arise between companies, individuals or both.

Whilst the area of law is broad, litigation solicitors will be skilled in mediating, negotiating and communicating to ensure all parties are satisfied with the outcome; they will protect their client’s interests with a good commercial awareness, legal knowledge and persuasive manner.

Litigation solicitors will represent plaintiffs and defendants through all phases of litigation: investigation, pleadings, pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal process.

Six common areas of law litigation are:

  • Boundary dispute
  • Building dispute
  • Business dispute
  • Civil
  • Commercial
  • Property dispute

Boundary dispute

A boundary dispute is a dispute that arises between the two owners or occupiers of neighbouring properties. A dispute will usually form when one owner or occupier constructs a fence or wall in a position which the other owner deems to be part of their land or property.

Boundary lines can be unclear so it is always best to check the deeds before the dispute ends in a costly legal battle. Mediation and compromise are usually the quickest and most effective ways to settle the dispute.

Building dispute

Building disputes can involve a residential or commercial property and arise when a contractor has not complied with a building contract.

A litigation solicitor will have experience in dealing with a particular set of circumstances relating to building disputes including, engineering negligence, vague building contracts, payment issues, substandard work and more.

Business dispute

Business dispute lawyers have a range of expertise from contractual disputes to intellectual property disagreements and more.

It is not uncommon for a large business to deal with disputes regularly; it is the very nature of a modern world business. A specialist lawyer will be able to assist you whether it be a problem with shareholders or a problem with a new partnership.


Civil litigation refers specifically to two parties who are involved in a dispute but the charges against one or the other are not criminal. One party will usually be seeking monetary compensation or another specific performance.

Popular matters dealt with by a civil litigation solicitor include, landlord/tenant issues, breach of contracts, general business or personal disputes.


Commercial litigation relates to disputes between companies rather than individuals. A commercial litigation solicitor will usually be dealing with several parties to try and resolve business disagreements arising from transaction conflicts.

Multiple factors fall under the umbrella of commercial litigation but your commercial dispute resolution solicitor will have the expertise to deal with it all.

Property dispute

Property litigation involves typically settling disputes between landlords and tenants but it can also include a wide range of other issues regarding ownership on a number of different types of land and property.

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