Building Disputes

Building disputes can be very difficult to deal with especially when the project relies on a certain amount of cash flow.

Builders can take a strong position as they hold power over the materials and finish but similarly so can clients who refuse payment.

Even if there is no written contract, payment for the services creates a contract in itself. If the work is not the quality the client expects, or rather has paid for, then a dispute can arise. It is key that as soon as a problem arises, contact is made with a legal professional as building disputes can be lengthy and in turn, costly.

Which disputes require legal help?

A contractor must comply with the terms agreed in a building dispute. Your property dispute solicitor will ensure that not only are the terms followed through or the appropriate compensation awarded but also, that all the necessary surveyance checks are carried out.

Situations that may require professional help include:

  • Negligent work
  • Payment disagreement
  • Below standard work
  • Work carried out not previously agreed to

These types of situations can occur in residential and commercial properties. Whatever the type of property there will be a lawyer with a set of expertise for both.

Building disputes fall under a particular part of litigation law but there are alternatives to legal action such as mediation. Though this may be preferable short term, the long term impact can be detrimental. Prolonging a building dispute case that needs to be brought to legal attention can involve great financial loss and project time delay.

How to make a claim

Property solicitors will be keen to act swiftly in order to save you time and money. Civil cases can usually have a longer time frame than property disputes as a claim can still be made within 6 years of the initial dispute.

Strict time limits apply to property cases. The right action needs to be taken against the opponent so do not delay in filing a claim or seeking the help you need.

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