Road Traffic Accidents

Being involved in any road traffic accident can be a highly traumatic experience with injuries ranging from whiplash to serious head wounds.

After any accident, it is likely you will need to recover both physically and emotionally, which is where compensation comes in.

If your injuries were the result of someone else then it is likely you will have a claim to cover your financial losses as well as medical welfare.

What are road traffic accidents?

The most common claims for road traffic accidents are:

  • Car accidents – whether you were the driver involved or a passenger you can make a claim for an accident that wasn’t your fault. Common injuries include loss of limbs, whiplash and head injuries.
  • Motorbike accidents – these accidents involve another vehicle on the road. Common injuries include burns from skidding after fall, spinal injuries and head injuries.
  • Bike and cycling accidents – cyclists are the most vulnerable road users and accidents have increased dramatically in recent years. Common injuries result from being hit at junctions or roundabouts and carelessness of car users.
  • Coach accidents – a claim can be made against the coach or bus company if you were involved in an accident whilst on board. Common injuries include hand injuries from closing doors, driver moving off before passenger is seated and collision with another vehicle.
  • Public transport accidents – drivers of any public transport have a responsibility to keep you as safe as they can. You can claim for injuries including cuts, bruises, falls etc.
  • Hit and run accidents – a hit and run is when a driver fails to stop at a scene after hitting someone. You can make a claim if the driver has no insurance or if the driver simply can’t be found at all.
  • Pedestrian accidents – pedestrians are particularly vulnerable on the roads due to fast moving vehicles all around them. Accidents include not stopping at a zebra-crossing for a pedestrian, going through red lights, cyclists riding on the pavement.

Understand whether you have a claim by speaking with an expert in the field so you can achieve the maximum compensation you deserve.

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