Workplace Accidents

If you have had an accident at work it is possible that your employer has been negligent in their duty of care for you. If found to be your employer’s fault you may be entitled to compensation.

Not only will you be able to claim for your physical injuries but you will also be able to claim for any psychological trauma and lost wages due to time off work.

What injuries can I claim for?

Workplace accidents happen every day in all types of industries. Common personal injury claims include construction accidents, faulty equipment, factory incidents and military service.

  1. Construction – despite the emphasis on health and safety in the construction industry, many accidents still occur; this can be anything from defective machinery to heavy lifting to poor management of the site.
  2. Faulty Equipment – when working with specialist equipment there is a reasonable expectation that all initial checks are passed as well as continued maintenance.
  3. Factory Incidents – Similar to a construction site, factories must have strict health and safety regulations in place but common injuries will arise from falling objects, asbestos and exposure to other dangerous substances.
  4. Military Service – military service comes with a high risk of injury including PTSD, training accidents and clinical negligence. Rehabilitation may be needed and is considered when filing a claim.

Who is responsible for my workplace accident?

Your employer is ultimately responsible for your safety in the workplace. Even if your accident was caused by another member of staff or was purely an accident at your own cost, your employer still has a duty to make sure you do not come into harm’s way whilst in the workplace environment.

Employers should have the necessary insurance to cover any accident you might have without it negatively affecting the company’s finances.

How much compensation will I receive?

Compensation depends on the severity of the injury. Speak to a professional personal injury lawyer who has experience in the area as they will be able to advise you on an exact figure. Compensation is affected by the nature of the injury itself, the recovery process and medical expenses incurred to you.

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