Will Writing

Passing away without a Will can be detrimental to your family and your legacy. You could leave behind major financial problems for those who you care about most.

More than half of UK adults currently don’t have a Will. Don’t fall into the same category as them. Find a will writing solicitor today and change your children’s future.

Making a Will

If you die without a Will then the Law of Intestacy will apply; this means your estate and assets will be distributed in accordance with strict order by the government. Without a Will, the process of distribution can be time consuming, stressful and problematic.

A Will is key if you have a dependent as you will be able to make provisions for their future with regard to property and possessions. Not only will you be able to make a decision on material possessions but you can also make specific requests.

For example, if you have children, it may be useful to appoint guardians in your Will so that you can rest assured knowing that they will be in good hands in the event of something happening to you.

The Will writing process

There are multiple components when it comes to writing a Will with one of the most important being the appointment of executors.

In order to guarantee your final wishes are adhered to, you must appoint Executors who will act on your behalf by administering the Will and distributing the assets to those intended.

The Executors of your Estate must be a person/persons who you trust. More often than not it is a family member. Many think that an Executor cannot be a beneficiary but this is not true. Only a witness to the Will cannot become a beneficiary.

However, choosing a family member may not always be best. If there is strong conflict in your family it may be best to find an independent Executor; this is where Location Lawyer comes in.

Choose one of the best Will writing solicitors in your area to act as an Executor or simply help you write your Will.

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