Important Things to Think About When Writing a Will

It goes without saying that it is undeniably important to have a will, especially as you get older, become a homeowner and have children. Simply put, if you die without a will then you will die ‘intestate’ and the Law of Intestacy will be followed when it comes to the distribution of your estate and assets. For some, this may not be too much of a problem, but for others, it can cause a time-consuming and problematic probate process. 

Thankfully, it is incredibly easy to write a legally binding will and when you turn to an experienced will writing solicitor, the process will be very straightforward. However, as you may expect, there are a number of different factors to consider when you’re writing a will and it is important to ensure that you’re making the best possible decisions for those around you once you have passed away. 

So, to help anyone who is considering writing a will, below we have listed some of the most important things you need to think about before you visit a local will writing solicitor. 

Who you Would Like to be your Executors 

Arguably, this is one of the biggest and most important decisions to make when you’re writing a will. Your executor will be the person who acts on your behalf by administering the will and distributing your assets in accordance with your will. This is quite a big responsibility, so you should think carefully about who you choose to be your executor. 

It is possible to have co-executors or joint executors (two or more people as executors) and you may want to consider whether this is something you’d like. These executors have to act together in all matters related to your estate, so be sure to look into the pros and cons of this. 

You should also be aware that it is possible for a solicitor to be your executor if you wish. 

Who you Would Like to be your Beneficiaries 

Your beneficiaries are the people who will receive parts of your estate and or your assets when you pass away. Beneficiaries really can be anyone and the vast majority of people will choose to list partners, family members, friends and charities as beneficiaries.

It is possible to add and remove beneficiaries from your will if your situation changes over time, so try not to worry too much about this now. Try to focus on choosing people close to you that you’d like to gift things to, upon your death.  

What you’d Like to Leave to which Beneficiary 

When writing a will, you will also need to think about what you own that has financial value, or sentimental value, that you’d like to give to your beneficiaries. These things are called your estate and your assets and they include things such as; property, savings and valuable objects.

When you’re writing a will, it is a good time to also get your affairs in order and knowing where important documents are can make things much easier for your executors. You may want to consider putting things such as your deeds into safe storage, for example. 

Whether you Need to appoint Guardians for your Children 

If you have young children, it is essential to ensure that you’re thinking about who you’d like to be their legal guardian should you pass away. Within your will, you should list at least one but ideally two people who you’d like to raise your children. 

Of course, it is important to speak to these people about this responsibility before you list them in your will to ensure that they’re happy to look after your children should something happen to you. This will help to prevent any potential problems upon your death. 

When thinking about children, it is also worthwhile thinking about your pets too. They are easy to overlook when you’re writing a will, but you may want to include a provision stating who will take responsibility for your pets when you pass away. 

Finding a Will Writing Solicitor near you 

Hopefully, by taking the time to carefully think about everything mentioned above when writing your will, you can ensure that nothing important is overlooked. Of course, as mentioned above, it is always beneficial to reach out to a specialist solicitor for legal advice and will writing services when you’re making your first will, or wanting to make amendments to an existing will, so don’t be afraid to ask them about anything mentioned above if you have questions. 

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