The Importance Of Having A Conveyancing Solicitor

In short, conveyancing is essentially the transfer of a property from one person to another person. So, if you’re buying a new property or selling your current home, you will need a conveyancer to assist you with the overall transaction. When finding out that not all professionals who can help you with your conveyancing are actually qualified solicitors, some homeowners begin to question whether they can simply complete their conveyancing themselves.  

There is no denying that it is always beneficial to turn to an experienced professional when you’re buying or selling a property and whether you choose a licensed conveyancer or a conveyancing solicitor, you can guarantee that they will be incredibly helpful during the whole conveyancing process. So, if you’re wondering whether it is actually important to use professional conveyancing service, below are some things to consider. 

What are conveyancing solicitors?

As their title suggests, conveyancing solicitors are fully qualified practising solicitors. Often, they have wider training and experience in other areas of law too, which may be beneficial to you, especially if you’re in need of assistance with other matters alongside your conveyancing. 

What are licenced conveyancers?

It is important to note that licensed conveyancers are still qualified lawyers, they just solely deal with property law. So, whilst they may not have the experience that solicitors have in other areas of law, they are still more than able to assist you with your conveyancing. 

Why choose to work with a conveyancing expert?

Whilst you are able to undertake DIY conveyancing, it is a route that no professional would ever recommend. Attempting to carry out all of the required legal processes yourself is undeniably a disaster waiting to happen. If you have absolutely no experience of conveyancing then you shouldn’t even question whether this is something to do yourself. 

Due to the complexity of the conveyancing process, the chances of something going wrong or important things being overlooked are incredibly high when you’re working independently. You will be surprised just how many problems can be caused when things are missed during a property transaction and the last thing you want is to find yourself in a complicated, and likely expensive, situation that you don’t know how to get out of. 

If you’ve ever purchased or sold a property in the past, you will know that it can be a frustrating process and there are bound to be some setbacks along the way. Thankfully, with the help of an experienced conveyancing solicitor or licenced conveyancer, any setbacks will be handled in the best possible way, allowing the process to get back on track as quickly as possible.

How can a professional conveyancer help?

Both conveyancing solicitors and licenced conveyancers can assist you with every single process that is required when buying or selling a property. They will handle all of the following; 

  • Providing legal advice
  • Drafting and handling contracts 
  • Communicating with all parties involved
  • Dealing with the Land Registry
  • Carrying out all required searches 
  • Transferring funds for the property 

All of the above is second nature to an experienced conveyancer and they will be able to complete the required work to ensure that the property transaction is as smooth as possible. Not to mention the fact that they will ensure that everything is completed in compliance with any required laws and regulations too. 

Finding a local conveyancing solicitor to assist you 

All in all, it goes without saying really that it is always worthwhile reaching out to an experienced professional when you’re buying or selling a property. Whether you’re looking for a commercial or residential conveyancing solicitor, you can trust that they will make the whole process much quicker and also less stressful and, you will always thank yourself for relying on the experts whenever undertaking a property transaction. 

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